Plaid Crafts had sent me a huge box of Mod Podge products back in… uhhhh… June I think.  I was so excited to receive the box of goodies – it was filled to the brim with Mod Podge goodness.  Lots of new products, bottles of Mod Podge, Mod Podge Design Elements, Podgeables papers, etc.  I haven’t even had a chance to really post about it or anything I made with it yet… until now!  I took one of those lovely bottles of matte Mod Podge and used it, along with cereal boxes and masking tape to create these letters.

First things first, either draw out your letter or print it out from the computer onto a piece of paper.

 Cut it out to create your template and then trace onto the back of a flattened cereal box or any other light cardboard box.  You need to do two of each letter.

Cut out the letters using an Xacto knife and set aside. 


Now you want to cut long 1″ wide strips of cardboard.  I cut the length of the cardboard.  These are going to become the side pieces of the letters.  Using your masking tape, tape them to the edge of one of your letters, going all the way around the letter.

Next, place the second letter on top and attach with tape to the side.  
For any letters with “inside” sides (Like an A or O) make sure to add sides to the middle portion!

That’s it!  The base of your letter is complete.  

I used Matte Mod Podge and regular computer paper to cover my A and then I painted it silver.  The regular paper is a little thick so it gave it a more grungy look.  If you want a bit of a smoother look, use newspaper or a thinner paper.

Super easy and obviously inexpensive.  Gotta love that!
I WAS going to spell EAT for my kitchen wall, but once I finished the E and placed it up on the wall it just wasn’t doing it for me.  I LOVE the way the letter turned out and it WAS what I was looking for, but in my kitchen, I just wasn’t happy.  I have a new plan for the space where these letters were going to go and I’ll be sharing that soon!  
I am in the middle of doing a mini-remodel on my sons room and have plans to make the number 5 with this same method.  Once I’m done, I’ll definitely share a better “completed” picture!
Happy Creating! ~Kim 
I received a box of products from Plaid Crafts.  I was under no obligation to post about it, but I loved the product I received so decided to share this with you.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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