Back in January I participated in the finals for the Cricut Design Star contest. For my project I redid my daughters room with a Mermaid theme. One of the projects that I did that I never shared a tutorial for was her DIY Bubble Chandelier. It was super easy to make, only requiring plastic Christmas Ornaments and fishing line, and cost a total of $8. I’ve received multiple requests to share how I made it, so I whipped up a quick tutorial. It really is simple and anyone can pull this off! No special skills required.

DIY Bubble ChandelierA Mermaid Sleeps Here Pillow made with the Cricut Explore and Iron-on VinylReady to get started?

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DIY Bubble Chandelier Approximately 15 plastic Christmas Ornaments of differing sizes – I had about 6 large ornaments and 9 small ornaments
Fishing Line


I created three string of ornaments to form my chandelier. Two strings had 5 and one had 6.

DIY Bubble ChandelierCut two lengths of fishing line around 35″ long that will hold 5 ornaments and a third that is about 42″ and will hold 6 ornaments.

Now we’ll string the ornaments onto the fishing line. I used red thread in the photos so you can see what I did! First, string the line through the top loop of your first ornament and pull most of the length all the way through, leaving about 8 inches at the top.

DIY Bubble Chandelier for $8!Go over and back through the loop to help secure the ornament to one section of the fishing line (this just helps keep them from moving up or down the line a lot).

DIY Bubble ChandelierLay the fishing line over the open half of the ornament and then place the second half on top, clicking the ornament closed and securing the fishing line.

DIY Bubble ChandelierString the line through the next ornament the same way you did the first, making sure to leave about anywhere between 3-6″ in between (make sure your strands vary that way the ornaments aren’t all at the same spot along the three different strands – it will look fuller when they are staggered). Continue until you finish the strand. Repeat the next two strands.

Once all of the strands are finished, match up the top of the strands and knot them all together, creating a loop so that it can be hung from a hook and you’re done!

DIY Bubble Chandelier

If you give this a try, I would LOVE to see where you hang it!