My kids have started to make their Holiday gifts for each other. We were brainstorming what the girls could make for their brother and decided on a game of Checkers. We thought about using felt or painting on a board, but didn’t have the necessary items on hand. Looking around my craft room I spotted the duct tape and thought that might be the perfect medium to use!
After a little trial and error, this is how we made the board:
First you will need to create 8 strips of each color you choose, we went with red and green (I will refer to the colors as red and green from here on out). Cut a strip of tape 16″ long. Repeat. Now stick the two pieces of tape together. Repeat until you have 16 strips total, 8 red and 8 green.
Now you’ll want to lay all 8 green strips horizontally as close as possible. The next step is to weave the red strips through the green. 
 We found it was easier to have two people work on this together so that everything stayed in place.
Next we need to secure the board together. We were going to lay strips of duct tape along the back to create a nice solid board, but then I remembered my Duct Tape DecoLaminate Roll and grabbed that to use instead. We measured out the size we needed, cut it and then adhered it to the back of the Checker Board. 
Trim down the uneven edges so to create a nice square board.
The last step is to create a small border around the whole edge of the board. My girls went with a Snowman Duct Tape for this task. Cut a strip of tape to fit the length of the board. We adhered it to the front of the board, about 1/4″ on the front.
 Fold it over and secure it to the back. 
Trim the edges to be flush with the board and proceed with the other three sides. 
That’s it, you’re done!
For the game pieces the girls decided they wanted to use buttons. My 4 year old didn’t help much with the board, so her job was to choose the buttons. She went with black and white and had to pick 12 of each color. We grabbed a small drawstring bag that I had left over from a recent jewelry purchase and used that to hold the Checkers pieces.
They worked hard and came up with a great gift! Do your kids share gifts with each other? Do they do handmade or purchase them? My kids love this tradition and I love to see how hard they work to make something special for their siblings.
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