A while back I shared how I love to do random treasure hunts for my kids. They love it just as much as I did when my mom did it for ME when I was young. To help encourage others to put their phones/tablets down, get out from behind the computer or the TV and do something special for their kids, I’ve put together free printable clues! All you have to do is print them out, cut them out and put them where the directions tell you.
Surprise your kids one afternoon with a fun treasure hunt! Prize can be something small and simple, the hunt is the best part!
 The prize doesn’t have to be big – a bouncy ball, a small bag of candy, a flower from the gas station. Mostly it’s the fun of coming home to something different, something that leads you to an unknown! Plus I’ve made it even easier for you to give this a go by providing you with a free printable!
Treasure Hunt Printable
Head on over to Today’s Creative Blog to download the printables and surprise your kids tomorrow after school!