Looking for an easy DIY Nerf Gun Storage Solution? If you’re a mom of boys or adventurous girls, then you know the struggle. Nerf guns everywhere. My son, Mason, has a fairly tame collection, as he has just started to really get into them, but these bulky toys were quickly becoming my nemesis. There was no great place to store them in his room, so he typically just dropped them in the middle of his area rug, which often had me tripping and stumbling when I walked in. And I can’t stand clutter. Or mess. I like a nice, neat home, and I was sick of employing the “shut the door and hide the mess” technique!

I started brainstorming an elaborate system that would require wood and my husband’s skill at the saw, but since it was -25 degrees, I knew the chances of any of it happening THEN and THERE were slim to none. So I went online to see if any other creative moms had figured out an easier solution, and guess what? They have and I loved it. I quickly told my husband my plans and we got to work on this DIY Nerf Gun Storage Solution. Though this won’t solve the problem of finding foam darts all over your house.

DIY Nerf Gun Storage Solution

Awesome, right? It looks cool and it is fairly easy to accomplish. At our local hardware store, we picked up two 2′ x 4′ peg boards and several packages of the different peg hook options. We used double straight hooks and J hooks for the guns and single straight hooks for the sabers. We also used L hooks for the guns, but liked those less than the J hooks.

Remember, you don’t want the peg board to be installed flat against your wall or you won’t be able to get the peg inserts into place, so you need to add blocks of boards behind it. We added one at each corner of the separate peg boards and also halfway down each side of the board.

DIY Nerf Gun Storage Solution

Once we installed the peg board I decided to ‘pretty it up’ some by adding a painted orange border. I still want to get some sort of basket to attach to the board to hold all the loose/extra darts. Until then we are depositing them into one of the fabric bins next to the board. Since it is inevitable that we will find a dart or two around the house on any given day it is nice to have a location to deposit them.

I also knew I wanted to add some sort of vinyl wording above the boards, but all I could think of was “Armory” which seemed too boring. I took to my Facebook Page to get some ideas. You all were so helpful and had some fun ideas, and the “Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out” came from that brainstorming session! I created the cut file in Cricut Design Space and using Expressions Vinyl, cut the letters out on my Cricut Explore. (Affiliate links for your convenience).

We also hung my son’s Light Saber Collection up on the board, though if his Nerf Collection expands, we can easily remove those to make more room. And technically if we really wanted to we could add another board up top.

My son is in love with this wall almost as much as I am. He thinks it looks cool, and it makes finding his guns simple.

DIY Nerf Gun Target

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