Browsing through some party sites I came across this cool concept on how to make a pinata, the super easy way!  Have you ever heard of paper bag pinatas? I had not, but once I saw them I was totally on board, especially because store-bought pinatas can get rather pricey. I came up with my own version: A DIY Gift Bag Pinata!

I found an exceptionally good tutorial on how to make a Grocery Paper Bag Pinata at Infarrantly Creative.  Becky even shares how to hang it (since grocery store paper bags don’t tend to have sturdy handles, if any at all).

Of course, I hit a big dilemma when I wanted to start making mine.  I didn’t have any paper bags.   And you know me, when I get an idea in my head I have to complete it ASAP.  And running to the grocery store to get one wasn’t in the cards at 9:15 at night.  But of course I didn’t let that stop me!

As I brainstormed my options I kept going back to gift bags.  They already have built in handles and are usually a little thicker to support all that candy. Plus, I have a whole tote full of them.  So that is what I used! 

DIY Gift Bag Pinata

Gift Bag
Two Rolls of Crepe Paper StreamersHot Glue
Printed Image


Starting at the bottom of the bag, lay a line of hot glue (about 1-2″ at a time). Lay the streamer on top of it and then pinch and gather it along the hot glue. Continue all the way around the bag. When you get to your starting point, rip the streamer and secure with glue. (It is the same technique you see Kimbo use on her hot glue camera strap tutorial.)

Move up to the next level, overlapping the streamers and do it again. Continue all the way to the top of the bag.

I used the same technique to go around the edge of my image and then hot glued that into place.

Fill the gift bag with goodies and then hang using the handles!