My daughter is so excited to be turning 5 in a few months. Especially since that also means she’ll be hopping on that big yellow bus and heading to school with her older brother and sister come August.

To help prep her for school I’ve been making some fun learning games and we’ve been having a blast playing them. Since we’ve covered our letters and numbers, I decided it was time to tackle shapes and patterns.
This game is easy to play and I’m sure you all can come up with tons of other ways to do so.
We played it two ways – match the shapes. Basically create a shape using any of the pieces For example, pattern and color don’t matter, just make a square. The other way is to match the patterns, so you have to make the square but it has to match!
I love these simple type of games because the kids have fun and don’t really realize they are learning! 
They are making connections and are learning the names of shapes, colors, patterns, and through the repetition, work on their memory recall and automatic recall. Win-win!
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