DIY Snowman Making Kit

Hello seven thirty three readers!
It’s Heather from Twin Dragonfly Designs here today to share this
super fun DIY Snowman Making Kit with you!
During the next snowfall simply insert these adorable
features into your snowman for instant personality!
This project has really taken off at our house!  If you follow Twin Dragonfly Designs on Facebook then you will know that my six year old Isaiah has been creating DIY Snowman Making Kits to sell at a few of our local Christmas Craft Fairs.  He has even shared a video on how he creates the little snowmen mouths.  It has been an amazing journey with him and he and his brother have raised enough money to go skiing this winter.  So Fun!  Anyway be sure to catch the details over on Facebook and until then here is how you can create a DIY Snowman Making Kit of your very own…
Snowman Making Kit (3)
We used polymer clay to create the snowman features. Once baked it is rock hard and almost indestructible. We found our clay at Wholeport but you can buy it at Michaels too. For the nose you will need about 2 oz of orange clay.  Mold the clay into a ball and slowly roll out one side of the ball into a long tip.  Insert a wooden dowel into one end to form a hole.  This will become the snowman’s nose.
Snowman Making Kit (5)
Create five black stones for the snowman’s mouth. To do this you will need about 1 oz of black clay.  Divide the clay into five equal parts and roll into balls. Use a wooden dowel to press a hole into the back of each black ball. Don’t go all the way through the ball, just press hard enough to leave an indent for a dowel to go later. Isaiah has a video of this process on Facebook.
Snowman Making Kit (7)
Make three buttons for the snowman using the same process as the mouth to start.  Roll a ball of clay {we used a wide variety of bright colours} then press the ball down with your thumb around the center.  Use the end of a paintbrush or the tip of a pencil crayon to poke four holes into the button.  Use a dowel to create an indent on the back of the button.  Repeat this process three times for three buttons.
Create two eyes using very similar techniques.  Rather than poking holes, layer rounds of black and white clay over blue eyes.  Press a dowel into the back of each eye to create an indent for the dowel to go later.
Now place all of your clay pieces onto a baking sheet and bake as directed {for about an hour at 250 degrees}.  Finally when the pieces have cooled use a hot glue gun to glue a dowel to the back of each snowman part.
Snowman Making Kit (9)
Our DIY Snowman Making Kits included all of the features needed to make a snowman as well as a lovely, warm fleece scarf.
Snowman Making Kit (10)
Isaiah was determined to create the kits all on his own. He shaped and formed all of the features, helped Daddy saw the dowels in half, helped Mommy cut the scarves and insisted on gluing all of the pieces together himself.
Snowman Making Kit (11)
Snowman Making Kit (12)
We had so much fun making this project that I am sure you will too!
Snowman Making Kit (13)
Thank you so much for reading!
I hope that you will stop by Twin Dragonfly Designs sometime to say hi!

xo Heather
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