My son loves collecting things. He has rock collections, shell collections, card collections and car collections. At 12 months old we would go on short walks and he would come home with his pants pockets full of pebbles. At 6, it is still the same.

Because of all of these collections I like to think up art projects we can use them for, rather than just having them sit in a pile in his room. We’ve painted rocks, and created a sea shell wind chime. We still have sea shells left from his summer vacation with his grandparents, so I got out the paints and we created fun sea shell friends!
It is very easy for young kids to do. We used non-toxic acrylic paint, hot glue and googly eyes. I let the kids paint the shells as they saw fit and set them aside to dry. Once dry, spray with a clear acrylic gloss and set aside to dry again. Once dry I hot glued on the googly eyes and off they went to play with their new creations.
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