Easter is only 7 days away! Doesn’t it seem like it came fast this year? How about creating a fun, last minute and Festive Hoppity Easter sign that is sure to remind you of that adorable “Peter Cottontail” hippity hoppity Easter Song! I don’t know about you, but I loved that song when I was a kid! This sign can be created in minutes and displayed through the Holiday.

DIY Hoppity Easter Sign

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Contains affiliate links for your convenience.

Fun and Festive DIY Easter SignOval MDF Plaque
Foam Bunny
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
Hot Glue
Washi Tape
Baker’s Twine
Display Stand
Craft Cutting Machine (optional)
Vinyl (optional)

Fun and Festive DIY Easter Sign

Prefer written directions? See below:

Paint the plaque using paint in the color of your choice – I went with a spring green.

Fun and Festive DIY Easter Sign

To create the washi tape bunting, cut a short length of washi tape – about 2.5-3″. Fold the tape over the twine, adhering it to itself. Using scissors cut the bottom of the tape to get the shape you want. Repeat until you have the length needed for your sign.

Washi Tape Bunting Tutorial

To create the bunny’s tail I made a pom-pom using a fork, though you could also use a pre-made pom-pom if you prefer. To create the pom-pom you start by wrapping yarn around the tines of a fork. I wrapped the yarn about 50 times. Once complete, cut a small length of yarn and insert it into the middle of the fork tines, wrap around the yarn and secure tightly with a double knot. Remove from the fork and using sharp scissors, carefully cut the loops on one side and then the other. You will be left with an elongated pom-pom. Give it a bit of a haircut to get a more rounded shape. Hot glue onto a foam or paper bunny).

DIY Fork Pom-Pom Tutorial

Place the bunny and bunting on to the sign. Don’t glue in place yet – this will help you decide how big to make your words. I chose to use my Cricut Explore Cutting Machine to cut “Hoppity Easter” out of vinyl. I created the design in Cricut Design Space and then sent it to the machine, which cut the letters out. I weeded the vinyl, and then used Transfer Tape to place it onto the sign. If you don’t have a cutting machine you can hand paint the letters or use a craft knife to cut the vinyl.

Fun and Festive DIY Easter Sign

The last step is to hot glue everything into place.

Fun and Festive DIY Easter SignPlace your sign onto a picture easel and display for a fun and festive piece of Easter Decor!