This Fingerprint Caterpillar is a fun kids craft to pair with Butterfly Unit, or just as some rainy day fun. It doesn’t take a lot of supplies to make but kiddos have fun creating them, using their imaginations and lots of color that ends in a really beautiful piece of artwork! Follow this simple tutorial to make your own!

Fingerprint Caterpillar Kids Craft


Fingerprint Caterpillar Kids Craft

Tempra Paint
Black Marker
Googly Eyes


Step 1: Place your thumb into paint and place thumbprint onto your paper. Do this a second time, creating a heart, which will be the caterpillar’s head.

Step 2: Using your pointer finger, choose a second color paint and create the caterpillar’s body.

Step 3: Add in the background – grass, flowers, sky – Get creative!

Step 4: Add googly eyes to the caterpillar’s face. If you do it while the paint is still wet, they stick well. If not, add a little glue.

Step 5: Let the paint dry and then using your black marker draw on the feet, antennae, and mouth.

That’s it! Your adorable Fingerprint Caterpillar is done! And want to know what is really fun? Because I used neon paints, our caterpillar lights up when you shine a black light on it!