I came up with this fun card for my Father-in-Law. He needs glasses to read and it never fails that when he is opening cards he forgot them in the other room and it takes him 5 minutes to find them while we all sit waiting for him to come back. I thought this would be a funny play on that.
I whipped it up really quickly in Silhouette Studio.

 I designed the glasses in Adobe Illustrator and then imported them into SS and traced them.
Same with the hearts.
I’ve made the Silhouette Studio file available for download via Google Drive should you wish to recreate this card!
For my husband the kids and I decided to make a superhero card:
Again, I designed everything in Illustrator and imported it into SS. 
The Superhero Card Silhouette Studio file is also available for download via Google Drive.
Happy Father’s Day to all the great Dad’s out there!
Happy Creating! ~Kim
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