Cassidy’s school hosted a Salsa and Guacomole Fiesta contest where the kids were invited to make a salsa or guacamole to be brought in and judged during the event. Of course, I decided to help make it extra with a DIY Salsa Label, which I shared over on my Instagram. After posting it, I received a lot of messages requesting I make them available as a printable. Not one to disappoint, I did just that! If you’re a salsa maker and in need of Printable Salsa Labels, take a peek at these:

Printable Salsa Label
I’ve made two printable options – one where you can edit your last name in Adobe Reader and one with a white box where you can simply write in your name.

Editable Salsa Label

The editable salsa label is good for shorter names, but those that have longer names may be out of luck. If your name doesn’t fit in the editable version, download this one:

Printable Salsa Label for Lids

Salsa Label with White Box for Handwriting

Use a Sharpie or pen and your best handwriting to customize the label.

I also edited the text below “salsa” to read MADE FRESH WITH LOVE since not everyone will be making a Medium Salsa!

To use these labels, download the file to your computer. Open it in Adobe Reader. If you’re using the editable PDF, click in the blue box and start typing.

Print the labels onto label paper and trim. Adhere to the top of your sealed mason jar.

Note: to ensure that the ink won’t run on your label if it gets wet from either water or condensation, use a laser jet printer.

As always, these printables are for personal use only. Do not alter the file (beyond what is made available).