With Easter coming I’ve been looking for a unique and tasty addition to my kids Easter Basket. These Peeps Easter Hot Cocoa Bombs are perfect! And it gives me a fun DIY project! These would also make great gifts for family, friends, and neighbors.

DIY Easter Hot Cocoa Bombs with Peeps Inside

Have you tried making hot cocoa Bombs yet? I promise you they are actually pretty easy! If you’ve been too intimidated to try, know that Olivia, my 11-year-old makes them without any help. There are definitely more “professional” ways to make them – tempering the chocolate, for example. I choose to use candy melts because they don’t need to be tempered and they melt easily when you pour milk over them that has been warmed in the microwave for 1:30 – 2 minutes. I don’t recommend using chocolate chips because they don’t melt as easily and you lose the effect of the bomb bursting open.

To make hot cocoa bombs with an Easter twist I used blue candy melts and added a Peeps Chick to the inside for a sugary, marshmallow addition that is sure to impress the kids!

Melted Hot Chocolate Bomb with Peeps Chick inside

The best part is when you pour the hot milk over the Cocoa Bomb and the Peep pops out! It’s a fun, unexpected surprise.

DIY Easter Basket Idea

If you’re ready to get make these Peeps Easter Hot Cocoa Bombs, you’ll want to head to the store for these supplies:

Candy Melts – color of your choice
Peeps Chicks or Bunnies
Hot Chocolate Mix
Silicone Sphere Mold

Easter Hot Chocolate Bombs

Check out my Hot Chocolate Bomb Tutorial for step-by-step instructions. The only difference is after adding the hot cocoa, simply place a PEEP on top and then adhere the top dome of the cocoa bomb over that. If you want to add a decoration, drizzle some melted candy melts over the top of the finished cocoa bomb.

If you’re wondering about the taste of the hot chocolate using candy melts for the bombs – my kids have given it a stamp of approval. We’ve made them multiple times and everyone that has tried one has enjoyed the flavor.

To package the Easter hot cocoa bomb, place it into a cellophane bag. You can add it to an Easter-themed mug with a straw for a simple and thoughtful gift, or add it to your child’s Easter Basket as is.