As you can tell, I’ve been dabbling with sharing some fitness posts the last few weeks. I’d love to hear from those of you that are starting strength training, or have been working out regularly for some time. Do you like learning more about what I do at the gym? Are you interested in working out but are too intimidated by the machines to get started? Hopefully by taking a peek into what we do, it will give you the motivation and courage to give it a try yourself! Today we’re going to talk about chest – I’ll share a video of a cool movement that we did, along with an account of our entire routine for chest!


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 Incline Cable Fly Exercise

Both Todd and I have been having some elbow and wrist discomfort the last couple of weeks, so we decided to steer clear of heavy pressing movements this workout to give our bodies a bit of a break. Normally we do dumbbell flys but we got to the gym early and chose to do cable flys because it was pretty quiet. We’re constantly preaching gym etiquette, ie: sharing equipment, staying off phones and working in with people if necessary, but we didn’t feel bad monopolizing the cables since it wasn’t busy.






As you can see in the video, we placed an incline bench between the two cables. Set the bench at a slight incline, ideally around 45 degrees.  Higher than that and you start to work the front delts. Grip the handles, keeping constant tension and a slow consistent pace. Raise your arms at around collarbone/chin level, squeeze the pec when you reach the top of the motion, and then lower your arms back out to the side until you feel a slight stretch. That’s 1 rep.


Perform 3 sets of 10 – 12 reps, with a drop set at the end until failure. Unsure what a drop set is? It’s performing a set to failure, lowering the weight and going to failure again… and then lowering the weight one more time. This ensures complete failure and that every available fiber was firing.

Despite the pain, we still got a great workout. We were shooting for volume and pump and definitely achieved that. As I sit here typing this I can feel the burn in my chest!

The rest of our chest workout was comprised of: 

Standing Cable Crossovers, 3 warm-ups, 4 working sets
Incline Cable Flys, 4 sets
Seated Machine Press, 4 sets

I added in 10 minutes of core exercises and then finished on the treadmill by doing 30 minutes at an incline of 6 and a speed of 3.5.