Dear Gym,

Home workouts just aren’t the same. I really miss you.

Forever yours,

¬†Obviously working out at home is not our favorite thing. We don’t find it as motivating and we don’t have the equipment that the gym does. BUT, it’s important to stay positive during this time of self-isolation, and even though we’d much rather be in a gym, we know we need to stay fit and healthy – so home workouts it is.

As soon as we received notice that the gyms would be closing, we ran to Walmart and picked up a bench, barbell set and some bands – all for under $100. Unfortunately the store had already been wiped out of most dumbbells, but we already owned some plates and my son had some light dumbbells. We’re definitely going to get creative with our home workouts, to say the least. I’m going to try to use this time to slim down a bit – if I can stay out of the cupboards while working from home!

We have limited space in the house, so we set everything up in our bedroom (hello craft room… you might be getting an overhaul!). It’s easy enough to move to the side once we are done. So even if you have limited space, you can make do. We were going to put everything in the garage, but it had to go and fricken snow the day we were setting up, so we decided on the bedroom for now.

For our first at home workout, Todd put together this Upper Body Circuit. If you’re looking for something that is going to burn and give you a pump, give this a try. At first glance it may seem like nothing, but I gotta tell you, we were both breathing heavy and feeling the burn by the end!

Because it was such a good workout, I made Todd do another set so I could film him and share with all of you! If I had realized I was going to do that, I may have picked up the clutter in the room first, so please excuse the dog bed, the dirty clothes hamper and general lived in look…

At Home Upper Body Circuit


Bench or chair
Resistance Band Kit

4 sets of the entire circuit. Each movement done to failure.

Band Shoulder Press
Dead Shrugs
Side/Front Combo Shoulder Raises (seated or standing)
Bent Over Lateral Raises (seated or standing)
Jumping Jacks

We finished our workout off with biceps and triceps and some core work.