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Robot Sandwich
As a working mom with two kids in school and one in daycare I make a lot of lunches.  And we all know eating the same thing all the time can get a little boring… especially when my children’s school does not allow peanuts, so a random peanut butter and jelly or fluff to mix things up is not allowed.  So what does a mom do?  Find a way to make lunch fun.  My kids usually have a sandwich of some sort, or crackers, cheese and a meat.  They then get a fruit, a veggie and a “dessert”, typically some sort of fruit snack.
What bread do you use for your kids lunches?  We typically use wheat bread which is what my children grew up with, but when I heard about Wonder bread’s new SmartWhite for Kids I was intrigued.  It has no high fructose corn syrup and is only 50 calories per slice.  And as an added bonus, it is fortified with the fiber of 100% whole wheat bread!  This is great for folks that want to make the transition from white to wheat but have kids that are resisting (I was one of those when I was young) – basically you’re giving them wheat in white form.  Unfortunately when I went to my grocery store, they didn’t have any, so I was bummed.
Wonder bread Smartwheat
However, they did have SmartWheat, another new Wonder product, so I thought I would give that a try.  It is still just 50 calories per slice, has 22 grams of whole grains and is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals and is packed with calcium.  Did I mention it has 25% less sodium than regular wheat bread?

Alright, back to making lunch fun.  I decided to shake things up a little bit and create a fun little robot for my sons lunch this past weekend, but there is no reason this couldn’t make the trek to school or daycare if you packed it right.
To make the robots body, grab two Wonder bread slices, put on your meats, cheese, whatever toppings your child likes.  My son prefers turkey or ham and cheese.  (I probably wouldn’t add the cheese on the inside again since I used some on the outside and also as the arms). We don’t typically use mayo or mustard, and he does not like lettuce on his, so its pretty plain jane.
Create Robot Sandwich
1. Now that you’ve made your sandwich you are going to cut out a rectangle shape from the middle of the bread.
2. Add some fun “Robot Parts” using a slice of cheese.
3. Grab a cheese stick, or carrots, or anything that you find in your fridge to make the arms.
4 & 5. I used celery sticks for the legs and feet… wouldn’t it be cute to dip his shoes in peanut butter?
6. Next you need a head.  I tried two options:
tomato head robot sandwich
A grape tomato that I used a toothpick to poke eye holes and a line of holes for a mouth.  This actually looked really cute because the juice pooled in the holes making them pop.
Wheat Cracker
The second option is to grab two crackers (we use Ritz Wheat Crackers without the salt), slather on a little peanut butter to make a sandwich and then two dabs on the top.  I used dark chocolate covered raisins for the eyes.  Set that in place and you have yourself a cute and nutritional sandwich.  Top it off with a yogurt and a fruit and your little one will be smiling through lunch, guaranteed!

Would you like to give the new Wonder bread SmartWhites for Kids a try?  I am giving away a month’s supply of Wonder bread to three lucky winners!  Enter to win using the form below by telling me how you keep packed lunches fun for your kids.  And for more Wonder bread info, visit Wonder Bread on Facebook.
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