As I mentioned previously, my parents recently celebrated their 35th Wedding Anniversary and also renewed their vows in front of 50 family and friends.  My siblings and I surprised them with a professional photographer for the event.  I also made a bouquet and boutonniere for them… BEFORE I took my mom shopping for her dress.  Oops.  Probably should have waited since she ended up with a white, sparkly number with silver strappy shoes!

Yeah, this very fall and rustic bouquet wasn’t the best match:
DIY Twine and Wire Wrapped Bouquet Which kind of bummed me out because I really, REALLY loved it.

I found the idea at Wedding Chicks.
But I wasn’t ready to toss it yet.  I took off the brown twine, wrapped it with purple satin ribbon and then wrapped it with some jewelry wire I had.  I wish I had a thicker gage wire, but I still thinks this looks OK and will work with her outfit.

DIY Ribbon Wrapped Bouquet

I also added a little more greenery below the purple flowers.
I did leave the twine on my Dads boutonniere:

DIY Boutonniere

I just winged this one but I like had it turned out.
 {Photo by Behold Photography}


{Photo by Behold Photography}
 Here’s to another 35 years!