As I mentioned previously, my parents recently celebrated their 35th Wedding Anniversary and also renewed their vows in front of a group of 50 family and friends.  My siblings and I surprised them with a professional photographer for the event.  I also made a bouquet and boutonniere for them… BEFORE I took my mom shopping for her dress.  Oops.  Probably should have waited since she ended up with a white, sparkly number with silver strappy shoes. Yeah, this very fall and rustic looking bouquet wasn’t the best match:
DIY Twine and Wire Wrapped Bouquet Which kind of bummed me out because I really, REALLY loved how it turned out. Lesson learned to wait until the dress is picked out before creating the DIY bouquet!

I found the idea for this rustic bouquet at Wedding Chicks. All of the materials to make it came from Michael’s.
Not to fret! I wasn’t ready to toss it yet.  I took off the brown twine, wrapped it with purple satin ribbon, and then wrapped used jewelry wire to wrap on top of the ribbon.  I wish I had a thicker gauge of wire, but I still think this looks OK and will work with her outfit.

DIY Ribbon Wrapped Bouquet

I also added a little more greenery below the purple flowers to give it a fuller appearance.
I did choose to leave the twine on my Dads boutonniere since it was small.

DIY Boutonniere

I just winged this one but I like how it turned out. It’s literally just one flower, a couple of leaves and some babies breath all wrapped together.

And here you can see how this DIY Bouquet and boutonniere turned out in the professional photos from the day:
{Photo by Behold Photography}

After seeing the photos I almost think the original bouquet would have been fine, but either way, they LOVED the photos and there were so many special memories made that day including my Memere playing the organ while my Grandfather sang, my younger brother playing the guitar while my sister sang, and witnessing my parents love for each other shine so brightly.