Free Menu Planner 
I don’t know how people are able to cook dinners for their families without having their meals planned out! I physically cannot do it and I think that we would spend way more money than we need to. Even when we did not have children, my husband and I created dinner menus. We have always grabbed a piece of scrap paper or computer paper and scribbled the menu and grocery list onto it… and then that got hung on our refrigerator. I gotta tell you, it always irked me! I like my kitchen (and entire house) to be neat and tidy and these just weren’t cutting it… 6 years now I have been dealing with it! Why have I waited so long? I don’t know! But I have come up with an adorable solution that fits in with my kitchen decor and I am happy to show off!
Meal Planner
I created this weekly meal planner with the help of an adorable digital scrapbook kit from Here a Scrap There a Scrap. I printed the cover and back cover onto cardstock and printed 52 copies of the inside page. I then spiral bound it into a book and ta-da! I ended up with the perfect meal planner for my family! The inside pages can be removed and posted on the fridge, or you can just keep them in the book – whatever works for you.
 Weekly Meal Planner
The inside page is broken down by week day and has a section for your grocery list that can be cut out and brought to the store. I also could imagine bringing this whole book to the store… you could bind an envelope into it to hold your coupons and voila good to go.

Download the Weekly Meal Planner.

Download the Weekly Meal Planner without Covers.

I have also created an Owl Weekly Meal Planner that is super cute too!