Hoot Hoot Hooray! It’s Time for Adorable free printable Owl Valentines!

My kids have several locations where they bring Valentines – school, daycare, and they hand them out to cousins. Since I adore coming up with cute Valentine’s ideas, I made yet another option for them to choose from! This time it’s some adorable little Owls that can be given plain, or used as a tag.

How could you use these as tags? Easy! Attach a pencil to the back, a rainbow loom friendship bracelet, or make some cute Nutter Butter Owls, bag ’em up, and add the Owl Valentine!

So ditch the store-bought cards and get ready to whoop it up with some DIY owl valentines! With my free printables and a little imagination, you can create heartfelt gifts that will have everyone hooting with joy this Valentine’s Day.

Save the file to your desktop, open it in Adobe Reader and print onto cardstock. Cut out each owl and have your child sign each one. Hand deliver to classmates!
I hope you and your children enjoy this owl Valentines! If you’re looking for other ideas, check out more Valentine’s Day Printables!