The Easter Bunny is quite the prankster at our house.  He hops on in during the night while the kids are asleep and hides their Easter Basket filled with all sorts of goodies.  So how do the kids find their basket?  Through a scavenger hunt of course!  They follow notes and scramble all through the house trying to figure out the clues and where the next note and, ultimately, their basket is.

The Easter Bunny has given me a heads up with the clues this year, so I thought I would share them with you:
On the table where the kids baskets were placed the night before they will awake to a note that reads:
Your basket is missing, where could it be?
Follow these notes and we shall see!
Maybe it is in your backpack.
Nope.  It’s not here.
When you are hungry and ready to eat
do you use your hands or your feet?
(They go to the silverware drawer)
FORK! You guessed it, but your basket is still nowhere to be found.
What button do you push to make the water go round?
Eww… the toilet!  I didn’t put it here
but don’t you worry it is near!
When you want to watch a movie on a big screen TV,
you and your family go downstairs and sit on the…
COUCH!  You found it!
Love, The Easter Bunny
Do you have any fun traditions you do in your household?