I’m not a coffee drinker, but I do like to use International Delight while baking or to add flavor to drinks. One of my favorites is the Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream. It is so smooth and rich in flavor.  There are tons of recipes online that utilize coffee creamer. This French Toast Monkey Bread Recipe from Dine and Dish that uses one of my favorite flavors looks tantalizing! Seriously, my mouth is watering. And I love the fun shape of the bottle too. My son had requested giving my mom a flower for her upcoming birthday and I thought it would be cool to turn the bottle into an Upcycled Mother’s Day Vase!
My son, Mason, LOVES to garden. I do not. I have no idea what I’m doing in a garden. I do not enjoy it and compare it to doing laundry. Luckily his Memere, my mom, does enjoy it so he gets his fix by going over to her house. He helps her plant, weed, rake; you name it, he does it. While he was helping her a couple of weeks ago he asked her if she would like for him to bring her a flower to add to “their” garden, which he has named the “Family Garden”. It was the most sweet, innocent offer. She said she would love it. When we got home he asked if we could plant a flower to bring to Memere. I said of course we could, and since her birthday was coming up, maybe he would like to give it to her as a gift. He agreed.
We went to the store and picked up some Marigolds. When we got home I grabbed the empty International Delight creamer bottle from the recycle bin and we got creating.
Empty Plastic Bottle
Spray Paint
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
Stencil (optional)
Have your child remove the wrapper from the bottle.
Have an adult use a sharp knife or Xacto knife, trim the top off from the bottle and hit it with some white spray paint made for plastic. Set it aside to dry. This is a must – if you try to paint on the bottle with just the acrylic paint, it won’t stick. When you try to put on a second coat it will come right off.


Paint the bottle using regular acrylic craft paint in a fun spring color. Set aside to dry. We did two coats.

Once the bottle is dry, add embellishments. We used a stick-on flower stencil. Mason picked it out and I helped him paint it. I then hit the bottle with a coat of clear spray paint to seal everything in.
Next, add in the potting soil and plant.
Optional – want to make this a hanging plant for a window? Just punch two holes in the bottle and add string!

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