What is one of the best gifts a child can give? A DIY Coupon Book, of course! I know I gave many coupons as a child… one for a free hairstyle {cause my mom LOVED having her hair brushed}, walking the dog, doing the dishes, folding the laundry, making the beds, vacuuming.  It’s sort of funny when I look back because most of the stuff was on my “chore list” anyway.  But when someone handed in a coupon I was more apt to jump up with a smile than if it was my “chore” for the day.

DIY Coupon Book - Holiday Gift Idea to Dad from Child

I thought it would be fun to make up a little coupon book that my kiddos could fill in and give to Daddy for Christmas.  I gave them a few ideas with some pre-printed coupons and then printed up a bunch of blank ones that they could fill in with their own ideas. I’ve made the coupon book available as a free download so that you can help your kids create a little something special for their Dad as well. There are two versions available – a holiday one and a non-holiday one, which is perfect for Birthday’s and Father’s Day!

Coupon Gift Idea


Download the Holiday Coupons for Dad in pdf format.

Download the Non-Holiday Coupons for Dad in pdf format.

Personal use only. Do not alter.

Save the DIY Coupon Book file to your computer and open in Adobe Reader. Print it onto 8.5×11 paper. Cut out the coupons and arrange them into a book, stapling in place on the right-hand side.

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