Chocolate Cloud Dough - Made with three simple household ingredients!For my sons 7th Birthday I threw him a Milk and Chocolate Birthday Party. In the post I shared on that party I mentioned how I had turned regular Cloud Dough into Chocolate Cloud Dough as favors for the kids to bring home. I also shared the recipe for the super delicious smelling, tons of fun to play with, dough. But I feel like it sort of gets lost within the post and people may not find it if they aren’t interested in a Chocolate Party! So I’m going to go ahead and share the recipe again so that others can discover this super simple activity for their kids. It is easy to make and requires only three household ingredients that I bet most of you already have in your home. We STILL have the two containers from my sons birthday party – in fact I brought this stuff with us camping this summer and would pull it out now and again for the kids and their cousins to play with. It would hold their attention for an hour or so before they’d move on to the next thing.

[yumprint-recipe id=’25’]For Mason’s party I packed the dough in Ice Cream containers and sent each kid home with one:

Chocolate Cloud Dough

If you think you’re kids would have fun with this, then you should also try Foam Dough, which you can then turn into Oobleck when they are bored with the dough!