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For my moms side of the family we draw names and purchase or make themed gifts for “families” rather than individuals – there are over 80 of us including the 18 aunts and uncles, all the grandkids and great grandkids. Family gifts take a lot less time to open! This year it was decided that we would fill a stocking instead of doing gift baskets and I decided to create a Family Fun Night Themed Gift Idea. Of course I may have cheated a little bit on my stocking…

Oversized Stocking Family Fun Night Gift IdeaWhat did I come up with? An oversized stocking full of items for the perfect Family Fun Night! Dan and Dani, the family I drew, have two children, a 3 year old little girl that loves dragons and My Little Pony and an almost one year old little man. I don’t see them very often, typically a few times a year at family gatherings, but I know for sure that they are big into family time and having fun with their kids. I tailored this to their family, but you could easily switch it up to fit whatever family you’re buying for.

 In the OVERSIZED handmade stocking (my gifts were a bit bigger than a normal stocking could accommodate so I went ahead and made my own!) I placed:

A puzzle for the family to play with with little man

My Little Pony Chutes & Ladders to play as a family

How To Train a Dragon 2 Movie to watch as a family

A soda bottle filled with movie snacks to go along with the movie (tutorial below)

5 Crowns Card Game for the adults to play once the little’s are in bed

A night (and lots of days) to come full of fun for just under $60!

Gift in a Bottle - Free Printable Gift Tags #733BlogLovesAveryThe soda bottle was super fun and easy to make and I love that it is a unique way to give simple snack foods (I wanted to include the movie as well… unfortunately it didn’t fit!). I first saw this idea as a way to give money hidden in the bottle for a birthday but knew that I could make it fit my needs!

Movie Snacks in a Bottle Gift Idea

Remove the label and rinse out a 2 liter bottle.

Gift in a BottleCut “swinging style” doors into the side of a 2 liter soda bottle – inside I placed the larger candies and snacks first and then filled in the rest of the space with smaller candies.

Movie Snacks in a Bottle Gift IdeaTape the doors shut.

Soda-Lighted to wish you a Very Merry Christmas Printable LabelI wrapped the bottle with Christmas themed paper that I trimmed to about 5.5 tall. and hot glued into place to hide the doors I cut. I created the “We are Soda-lighted to wish you a very Merry Christmas” gift tag and printed it onto Avery Full Sheet Labels and then cut out it out. I removed the backing from the label and affixed it to the scrapbook paper I wrapped around the bottle. I personally LOVE using Avery Full Sheet Labels because they are so versatile. I use them not only for their intended purpose of shipping but also for gift tags, water bottle wrappers, labels, etc!

Soda-Lighted to wish you a Merry Christmas Gift IdeaI then added some bakers twine and a “Movie Snacks in a Bottle” tag to the neck of the bottle and my gift was complete!

What do you think? Would you enjoy a gift like this?

Download the “Soda-lighted” Christmas Tag pdf

There are multiple tags per 8.5×11 sheet – these can be printed onto regular cardstock, or you can do what I did and print onto Avery Full Sheet Labels for easy application.

Download the Movie Snacks in a Bottle Gift Tag

Free printables are for personal use only. Do not alter.

Disclaimer: I received product and compensation from Avery to write this post. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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