Hello  seven thirty three readers and followers! I’m so exited to be guest posting in Friendly Tuesday!
Let me introduce myself.

I’m Tania from Super QT on the Hill, I feel so honored to be here today. I’m a mom of two awesome boys, 5 years and 11 months, who are my pride, joy and inspiration and source of crazyness. I got married in 2003, to a handsome 6′ 5” tall, blond men, who is my best friend and supports me in all my daily challenges.
 I have a little web store named The Super QT Store, where you can find all the QT’s and trendy items for baby’s.
 I love crafting in all ways! And sharing it to the world in my blog.
You  can find  many things, like these great how to and tutorials:

How to make your own baby food.
E-Z Iron on Applique.
Scrappy/Quilt Pens
Today I’m sharing how to do a t-shirt from a water bottle! 
With all the hot weather we are having, I was thinking in a little, but meaningful gift to giveaway, to anybody and any occasion. So I come up with this refreshing idea.
Material needed:
Water Bottle, (small).
Scrapbook paper, different styles and colors.
Cardstock paper, base and contrasting colors.
Glue stick.
Paper Trimmer.
Black Marker.
Crystal Light packages.
1.- Cut a 4 x 11.5 in. piece of cardstock, (base color), Cut a 6.5 x 3.5 in piece of scrapbook paper, cut a 4 x 4  in. piece of light cardstock, (for the front and message).
2.- Mark the cardstock in the inch # 7 and in the # 8, then make two folds; and between those folds make another in half. Then
Cut diagonally.
3.- Stick together the cardstok, the scrapbook paper; with the light cardstock, just glue 3 sides from this paper and make a pocket;  staple the corners of it and write on the next sentence: Have a light a refreshing: birthday, day, trip, whatever you want. Make 2 holes and tide a ribbon in the down part of the bottle shirt. In the pocket put a Crystal Light Pack.
5.- Hang in the neck of the a water bottle like a “shirt” for it, and give it to a coworker, neighbour, your kids school friend, visiting teacher gift, etc.
Thank you Kim for having me as guest poster.
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