Remember the calendar I made for my mini kitchen makeover?
I needed a new one because I took down my dry erase calendar, which I loved.  But honestly, it didn’t work for us!  I need the future months so I could keep track of appointments and events.  I do use my Outlook calendar a lot, but I also like to use my kitchen calendar because it is there in front of me, everyday.

Anyway, I decided to just go ahead and make one because then I would a) be guaranteed to love it, b) know it would match my kitchen and c) wouldn’t feel like I was wasting money since 2012 is half over!

This is the calendar – I made it quickly and on a whim, so no real rhyme or reason to it other than I liked the patterns and the fonts.  Some are dupes, but I put the month in a different place, etc.

 You can download the calendar here – it is 8.5×11.  Just print them on cardstock, double-sided, including the first page, and then bind.  I used a spiral bind, but you can also pick up some of those little metal circle thingies (anyone know what those are called?!?) from an office supply store and use those for cheap.
Also note that I removed all of the holidays that I had looked up and added so that this is not only for US readers!  Download the calendar here.
Happy Creating! ~Kim


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