In case you missed my guest post over at A Little Tipsy on Friday, here it is again!


Look what I have in store for you today:

Can you tell what it is made from? 
Tourist maps, scrapbook paper, coffee filters and jute!
I am hosting a camping themed baby shower for my SIL in June and wanted a rustic banner to hang above the food table.  As I was brainstorming I was wishing I had a map because I thought it would lend itself perfectly to the camping theme… then it hit me!  I drive past a Rest Area EVERY DAY.  They would have FREE maps.  So I stopped on my way home from work and picked up a few maps.  The rest of the items I had in my home.
I used my Cricut to cut the maps into 5.5″ circles.  The brown scrapbook paper was cut into 4″ circles.  I used my Make the Cut software to cut the letters on my Cricut.  I punched two holes in the top of each set of circles so that they could be threaded onto the jute.  Following me? All pretty standard, right?
Now onto the coffee filter “flowers”.
Flatten the coffee filter.
Fold it in half and then fold it in half again (see the arrow?).  This will give you the center point of the filter.
This was hard to get a picture to describe, but basically pinch the center and push everything up, and then fluff it out into a circle shape continuing to pinch the center.  I then twisted the center “nub”.
When you come over to visit you will see I do most of my crafting at night or during naps so I have limited time.  I tend to use whatever is around me – so although I used a piece of pipe cleaner to secure my “nub” (ewww!  I don’t like that word!) you can most certainly use tape.
Here is how it will look when you are done with it.  Now punch two holes in the top so you can string it onto the jute (do this carefully so as not to tear it).
And here is the finished product:
Happy Creating!