This post brought to you by Hannaford. All opinions are my own.

You may remember that I recently shared about the new My Hannaford Rewards program that Hannaford introduced this year. Along with the new Hannaford app, this program makes saving money while grocery shopping easy as pie!

As I mentioned, I was never big into clipping and saving coupons… but I am into saving money on my grocery bill, especially with my family of five! The My Hannaford Reward program does not require you to carry around a card. All you need is your phone number (If you sign up online or in-store). And, if you want to track your savings, rewards, and clip coupons virtually, you an use the Hannaford app. Simply choose Hannaford brand products to earn 2% rewards! The coupons that you virtually clip are automatically applied at checkout when you enter your phone number (or scan the barcode in the app) and purchase the product in the coupon.

My Hannaford Rewards Quarterly Savings

At the end of each quarter you get your rewards in an email or you can view them in the app. Once you activate the rewards, you’ll be able to use them towards your next purchase!

So what did I earn for rewards this quarter? $13.31! Simply by entering my phone number at checkout. And the best part? I bought the same groceries that I always have… though admittedly, I am now looking at purchasing more Hannaford brand products so that number will grow next quarter! In addition to that, I saved several dollars by using the coupons that are available via the app. My husband ended up shopping a couple of times this quarter and he was not up to speed on the new program, so did not enter my phone number upon checkout, so we did miss out on a few savings, but you can bet your booty I got him up to speed REAL quick so that we can continue to see higher savings on our grocery bill.

My Hannaford Rewards Program

I simply love how quick and easy this program is. No cards, no real extra effort on my part. Just go in, grocery shop, pick Hannaford brand products and enter my phone number or scan the barcode from the app at checkout!

Have you signed up for the new My Hannaford Rewards program? If not – what are you waiting for? Sign up at,in store, or download the app!

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