This plastic canvas car playset is so much fun. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ll want to go check out the first post in this series! Now that you’re all caught up, let’s start working with yarn!
DIY Car Play Mats
Cut a length of yarn that is long but still manageable to work with. Thread it through your needle and knot one end, just like sewing with a needle and thread.
Pick a section to work on and fill in any sections that are grass. Starting from the back of the canvas, thread the yarn through to the front. Count four squares down and thread the yarn through to the back. Go to the next row and repeat. Continue until you finish the row, working sideways. At the end of the row, go down eight squares, thread the yarn through the front, count up 4 squares and thread through to the back. Continue working sideways. Keep working until you run out of yarn. Tie a nice, tight knot and leave a small tail that can be tucked up and under the rows. Continue working until your section is filled. Move on to the next, remembering to change yarn colors for roads.
The building sections be left black. Below is an image of how my canvas looks working around the building sections. Note: You may have to occasionally have to adjust the length of your stitches – as you can see below, I only filled two squares instead of four while working around a building so that my rows stayed even. 
Complete the two main canvases and all of the side pieces. In the next tutorial I will show you how to attach the side pieces.
Fill in all of the green sections at once and then fill in all of the roads with black. 
Make sure to keep the rows going in the same direction on the side panels (see below).
To cover the edges of the plastic canvas on the side panels you need to start at the top of the panel. Enter the needle through the bottom of the fourth hole down from the top. Don’t thread the yarn through the top hole, but instead wrap it around the edge and come back up through the hole next to the one you started in. This will give you a finished edge.  You only need to do this for one of the long sides and both short sides, the side that doesn’t have a finished edge will be connected to the main pieces. 

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